The Great dune of Pyla

the Biggest dune of Europe

Apr 26

Dune of Pilat Seasons Changing

The Dune of Pilat it is before any changeable colors as the seasons go by and according to the moment of the day, all the time it is the different image which offers itself to you. The sand oscillates of colors enter the white until the gilt.

When in the shape of the Dune she(it) waves offering always different forms with the erosion of the wind. The bench of Arguin which reveals all its magnificence to low, rare tide are these idyllic places which offer according to the seasons a so changeable landscape as can make him(it) Pyla Dune, we do not know that will be the Dune in 20 years, just when it extends towards campsites(campings) moving forward of 5 meters a year, to see the history(story) of the dune of the pilat and its travel(movement) here

You will find here photos taken every month, if you are an amateurish photographer or a professional please contact us to share your photos.


April 2013

Marsh 2013

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